Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Ladies (And Bubby and Kurt)

This past weekend, you were kind enough to throw me a bridal shower. At the age of 30, when everyone a few years younger and a few years older is going through some sort of transition or major life change, I don't get many afternoons with 15 of my favorite people in one room. We've spent our time since high school and college falling in love and getting married, committing more time to building a life with lovers and partners. We've moved across the country to find ourselves or to return home again. We've taken jobs that have swallowed us whole for weeks at a time and trips to distant corners of the world. Some of you have had children and have bought homes in the suburbs. Some of the stories we've written together have been broken into chapters, the print faded on worn pages torn at the corners. And now we write new chapters only in the breaths between "life," but rarely are all the characters present.

This weekend, you gave me the gift of time with some loved ones that have helped me write epic chapters. I was reminded of how full my life is because of you. To my sisters, childhood and college friends and people that have made California home -  you lift me up and make me feel young and strong and smart and funny. You make me proud of who I am. Your honesty and authenticity make me feel normal and loved and most of all, lucky. I draw my strength and wisdom from you.

Promise me we'll find enough space between getting old and taking life too seriously to keep writing chapters together. Please.

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