Monday, November 5, 2012

Cialis Secrets

Ladies. Do me a favor. Resist the temptation to fast forward through the latest Cialis commercial. Watch it on mute. It contains valuable secrets and new information about how to keep your man happy. Remember, no sound. Just focus on the messages sent by the obviously very wise and sexually fulfilled couples.

"Cialis will help your man be ready to love you, but YOU need to do your part! Go beyond embracing your role as a housewife - sing and dance about it to show your joy. This will give your husband many erections. Encourage and support mid-life crisis purchases with smiles and above all, silence. The result will be so many erections! Buy him shiny toys, especially cars, he is after all just a large child. Take him to see fast cars zoom around race tracks! Then there will be more erections than you can imagine!"

Turn the volume back on after a minute or so, but only after you're confident that you now understand the male species. You wouldn't want to miss the important warnings that let you know your man will die if he flosses his teeth while using Cialis. Or does 1 jumping jack with a Cialis induced erection. But he will die happy.